Phillip Frodsham


Tell us a little about you?

I started working for the NHS in a temporary role just over 10 years ago. I admire what the NHS is, what it offers, and have enjoyed being part of it ever since. My first job was in Outpatients, while working at the same time to obtain my Accounting and Finance Degree. Since then, I have worked in a number of roles, most recently as an Assistant Service Manager in a large London trust. Working in this role really highlighted the need for more accessible care to patients and families.

In my time away from the office, I will be found checking up on football results, and in the kitchen attempting to cook and bake.


How do you see the role?

I’m delighted to be a part of the CYPHP team, and being able to make a positive impact to patients’ lives. I’ll be making sure that processes work correctly and that both the Clinical and Administration teams are supported, while helping to deliver great quality care to families.


What is your hope for the CYPHP programme?

My long term wish for the CYPHP programme is that it can be used by a number of other health professionals in different locations. This will allow it to make a positive impact to young people’s lives while providing quicker, more accessible care to children, and support to their parents and carers.



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