Tell us a little about you?

My background is Psychology; I did my undergraduate in Psychology at the University of Surrey, and later a masters in Cognition and Computation (a computer science and psychology hybrid course) at Birkbeck, University of London. Both taught me a lot about research methods and handling quantitative data, and I also learnt to programme during my masters.

Outside of work you'll find me in a museum, finding somewhere to hike, run, or cycle, or eating and making food.


How do you see the role?

I'm excited to be part of the excellent CYPHP evaluation team.  I love programming and working with Quantitative data, and I'm hoping to put those skills to good use for the CYPHP programme.


What is your hope for the CYPHP programme?

I hope that the programme is shown to be effective in improving health and family wellbeing.
Furthermore, if after scientific evaluation the CYPHP programme is shown to be effective, I hope it will be taken up in more widely. Finally, I'm hoping CYPHP can go some way in improving the fairness of healthcare accessibility.


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