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CYPHP clinics are growing from strength to strength. We’ve been learning about the impact that CYPHP clinics have compared to other services, and how they are experienced by patients and professionals.


New developments

CYPHP clinics are now taking place in 49 GP practices across Lambeth and Southwark. Each GP practice has a named Patch Paediatrician, who holds regular joint clinics with GPs, and who is a helpful personal contact point for queries, advice, and support.

CYPHP clinics have started to become embedded as business as usual. This means that clerks from Evelina London have been successfully trained and are now entering bookings for CYPHP clinics. There are also plans for this process to start at King’s College Hospital.

If you have any CYPHP clinic enquiries please contact Ryan Little. Please note the new contact, as Julien Hersh, who was leading on CYPHP administrative duties, has moved on to new opportunities.


CYPHP clinics’ impact

CYPHP clinics provide high quality care for children, quicker and closer to home. The average waiting time for families is reduced by over a third (between 17-18 days for CYPHP clinics compared with almost 2 months for a hospital-based general paediatrics outpatient appointment).

Families who attend CYPHP clinics are 65% less likely to have a follow up appointment, compared with general paediatric outpatient appointments. This suggests that the majority of families receive the specialised care that they need in one appointment. CYPHP Clinics’ one-stop shop approach benefits families who have more time for other things, and the health system since resources can be directed to others in need.


Feedback from patients and professionals

Feedback form patients continues to be really positive, with over 90% of families saying they would recommend CYPHP clinics to others. Over 80% of families also said that they felt listened to and that the care was good.

Similarly, GPs feedback continues to be positive. Over 80% of GPs either agree, moderately agree, or strongly agree that CYPHP clinics:

  • Improve their confidence.
  • Improve their skills.
  • Improve their learning.
  • Are beneficial to their patients.



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This is not an emergency service, please contact 999 if someone is seriously ill and their life is at risk