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Did you know that so far 59 Lambeth and Southwark GP practices have an allocated Patch Paediatrician, and they should be co-delivering CYPHP In-reach clinics at your local practice?

Early analysis of our data has shown that both patients and professionals have an overall positive experience of CYPHP In-reach clinics, as well as useful improvement ideas.

Some of the many benefits for patients include that waiting times are on average only 17 days to be seen by a CYPHP In-reach paediatrician. Additionally, a recent online survey where over 50 people responded, indicated that the majority of patients had positive experiences of the clinics and would be likely, or highly likely to recommend CYPHP In-reach to a friend. This is supported by comments like:

  • “Having a consultant listen and give advice on the spot made me feel in control of my child's health.”
  • “Extremely polite, listened and acted.”
  • “Quick to get appointment (original hospital outpatient referral was for 8 weeks later than In-reach) and therefore so much better for my child.”


Parents also shared some suggestions for improvement. One example from a parent was: 

  • “Better awareness - receptionist didn’t know the specialist was in.  Also, this should be an earlier child treatment step.  6mths, an Xray & ultra sound may not have been needed if this had been first.”


Based on these improvement suggestions, and others raised by patients and practices, the Children & Young People’s Health Partnership (CYPHP) is actively responding and supporting practices to improve their CYPHP In-reach clinics. Some actions that will be delivered over the next couple of months include:

  • CYPHP is going to provide a new communication package for all GP practices who have an allocated Patch Paediatrician. This package will include a revised description of what CYPHP In-reach is, how it works, and how to book appointments for your patients. 
  • Each Patch Paediatrician will be offering visits with their allocated GP practices. During their visits, they aim to get to know practice staff and processes, and will be able to provide insight about current referral services to secondary care. These conversations will be tailored so that practices can be supported to provide better access to In-reach clinics for their patients.


Why is this helpful?

GPs are now able to email their Patch Paediatrician directly if they think their patients require a referral to CYPHP In-reach or General Paediatrics. GPs can also contact their In-reach Patch Paediatrician directly for General Paediatric queries.

Are you a GP, or GP practice  manager, who is unsure who your Patch Paediatrician is, or if your practice has been allocated one? Click here to find out.


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