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CYPHP is delivering a bespoke training programme to personal advisors (PAs) who work with young people who have left or are preparing to leave local authority care in Lambeth and Southwark. On 26th and 27th February, we ran our second training module on the theme of ‘Knowledge’ - equipping PAs with the information to perform this vital role as effectively as possible.

The programme was created in collaboration with PA ‘champions’ who told us what they wanted to get from the training and through engagement with care leavers who told us what the valued and wanted from their personal advisor. In response to their feedback, we brought guest speakers from a range of disciplines together to deliver talks on training ranging from working with young people who have experienced trauma, to young people’s health needs, to understanding the benefits system for care leavers and working with separated young people such as asylum seekers.  

What did people think of the training?

One PA commented that the course was valuable as it “provided me with knowledge, ideas, strategies and resources to use”.

Another said that they would recommend the course as it gave them “time away to reflect on practice”.

What’s next?

The third and final training module on the theme of values, behaviours and beliefs will take place in April, 2018.

If you would like to find out more about the PA training, please contact or .

This is not an emergency service, please contact 999 if someone is seriously ill and their life is at risk