How will CYPHP's training help me do my job?

CYPHP have developed a bespoke training programme for Personal Advisors and the wider social care team with a focus on engagement and early intervention before young people leave care. The training will provide professionals and others working with care leavers with knowledge of mental health issues, advocacy skills and experience in motivational interviewing.

How can I work better and extend my professional networks?

The training will be delivered to multi professional groups, adopting a modular approach, building on skills and experience.

How will it help me deliver better services to CYPs?

This will provide more holistic health and wellbeing support to care leavers as well as the necessary practical support for navigating and accessing local services.

Who to contact to get involved

Please contact  if you would like to get involved.



Model Of Care

Programme of Work


This is not an emergency service, please contact 999 if someone is seriously ill and their life is at risk