The CYPHP team of specialists are committed to providing high quality care to children and young people (CYP) with asthma, constipation and eczema. Care is provided close to home to help CYP and their carers to manage their health condition more effectively and with confidence. CYPHP staff routinely assess CYP’s physical health alongside their mental health, as we recognise the impact both can have on each other.

Reviews and support are provided according to the needs of the CYP and their carers across a variety of community settings including the CYP’s home,  the CYP’s school, community clinics and GP practices etc. 

CYPHP clinical team:

  • Paediatric Clinical Nurse Specialists - Asthma
  • Paediatric Nurses with a special interest in Eczema
  • Paediatric Nurses with a special interest in Constipation
  • General Paediatric Consultants*
  • Paediatric Consultant Psychiatrist**
  • Family Therapist**

* Referral via CYPHP clinics (formerly known as In-reach)

Why would you refer Children & Young People's Health Partnership (CYPHP)?

CYPs with asthma, eczema or constipation who require specialist review, education & support around their condition.

How do you refer to CYPHP?

CYPHP asthma team:  

CYPHP primary care team:

How will it help you do your job?

The CYPHP clinical teams are specialist in their area of care and can offer in depth reviews and advice to CYP and their carers. CYPHP clinical team’s aims to work in conjunction with all primary care providers, recognising that we all play a vital part when supporting CYPs with long-term health conditions.

Practice Nurses

All reviews will be documented within EMIS to allow seamless communication between ourselves and other primary care providers. We will also contact you directly when we have concerns. The aim is that when a CYP attends an appointment either with you or the CYPHP team, we will all be able to clearly see their history and focus on the current concern, therefore fully utilising precious time.  

School Nurses

CYPs can be referred directly to CYPHP by the school nursing teams. We will review and support school age CYP with asthma, ensuring they have appropriate management and emergency plans within school. Management plans will be sent to school nursing teams to ensure seamless communication. 

We will offer support on an individual child basis and endeavour to promote good practice when engaging with the school faculty. If we discover areas for improvement we will pass this information onto the school nursing teams so it can be addressed.

How can you work better and extend your professional networks?

CYPHP clinical teams are happy to teach on relevant training days.

Primary Care Nurses

CYPHP paediatric specialist nurses are available to support your professional development by carrying out joint reviews (relevant to our specialist areas) with you within your practice, as well as providing a contact for queries. 

If you have any ideas about services which would benefit your patients and/or would like to arrange joint reviews, please contact the CYPHP clinical team. 

School Nurses

CYPHP paediatric specialist nurses are available to support your professional development by being a point of contact for queries (relevant to our specialist area). 

If you have any ideas about services which would benefit your patients and require additional support in developing these, please contact our team.



Model Of Care

Programme of Work


This is not an emergency service, please contact 999 if someone is seriously ill and their life is at risk