CYPHP has clear governance arrangements for directing, managing, and delivering its programme with clear lines of accountability. This programme is being delivered using standard project management techniques. In addition to this internal governance structure, the programme continues to build and identify strong links with established institutions and commissioners of health and children’s services to ensure it remains sustainable.

This programme has robust project governance systems in place which include:

  • Programme Board: senior representatives from all partnership organisations, providing strategic direction and leadership of the overall programme.
  • Project Delivery Groups: for each workstream there is a delivery group with operational, commissioning, and clinical leads which is responsible for the operational delivery and monitoring of each workstream.

A number of advisory groups also provide valuable input and challenge to the programme's work: an external Expert Advisory Panel, a Parent & Carer Advisory Panel, and ongoing engagement work with local children and young people.

Governance structure (August 2017)

 Our Programme Board is made up of senior representatives from the sovereign bodies in our partnership:

  • Andrew Eyres, Lambeth Clinical Commissioning Group (Programme Board Chair)
  • Colin Ball, King’s College Hospital
  • Lambeth Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Caroline Gilmartin, Southwark Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Leonard Lvovich, Citizen Co-Chair
  • Jayesh Patel, Lambeth GP Federations
  • Marian Ridley, Evelina London
  • Nigel Smith, Southwark GP Federations
  • Sarah Bernard, South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust
  • Kirsten Watters, Southwark Council
  • Charles Wolfe, King’s College London

Programme governance decisions are made by a quorate Programme Board which sits every 2 months.


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