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From October 2019, Patch Paediatricians, who co-deliver patient appointments with GPs at Lambeth and Southwark GP practices, are able to prescribe necessary medication to patients during their CYPHP clinic appointment.

This system improvement provides two enhancements to patient care:

  1. Decreases administrative processes - previously Patch Paediatricians would need to contact the GP the patient is registered with, and request a prescription

  2. Efficient and effective access to care - The patient receives a prescription in their CYPHP clinic appointment, whereas previously they would have to travel to their registered GP practice to collect the prescription


This improvement is another example of how the CYPHP programme is working simultaneously to support patients to receive more efficient and better quality care, and also finding solutions to strengthen NHS systems for staff.

Dr Michael Wacks, one of our Patch Paediatricians, described the new process as “super easy.”



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