2019 SamiraDatoo


Tell us a little about you?

I completed a Psychology Undergraduate degree at the University of Hertfordshire, and have a background in mental health and research. I have always had a passion for working with children and young people, and consider myself a child at heart. In my spare time I enjoy playing board games, watching Disney films, and exploring new places.


How do you see the role?

I thoroughly enjoy interacting with others and helping people to the best of my abilities. I hope through my role I can show children and young people, and their families, the importance of research and evaluation in healthcare services, and help to make a difference in type of care they receive.


What is your hope for the CYPHP programme?

I hope the programme can continue to promote the importance of both physical and mental health for children and young people, and that this approach is adopted across all health care services in the UK. I also hope there is continued collaboration between primary and secondary care services to provide a positive and effective experience of care.



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This is not an emergency service, please contact 999 if someone is seriously ill and their life is at risk