Over the last year, our clinical staff have been sharing their experiences and top tips about how using a Body, Mind, and Context approach enhances their work with children and families.

By asking the right questions and identifying additional factors that contribute towards ill-health, our staff have been able to provide integrated care so that families are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need in order to improve their health and wellbeing.

We encourage other children and young people’s professionals to read the blogs below. You may find a few helpful tips.


2018 SharonPimenta

Warmest regards

The first blog was written by Dr Sharon Pimenta. In her blog, she shares her learning from a paediatric consultant’s perspective about why professionals need to change our personal mind-set to recognise mental health as an absolute priority.



2018 Anti Ingrassia writing

Mind, Body, and Context: An integrated approach to supporting the health needs of children

Dr. Anto Ingrassia, shares her expertise on how physical health and mental health are undeniably interconnected, as well as some useful tools for professionals.



Micro miso macro system

Holistic care for children & young people: importance of successful communication across the health and social care system

Stephanie Mayo shares her insights about inter-agency communication and provides her nine top tips.



2018 12 11 Louise blog image

Joining families at home

Dr Louise Rocks, shares her insights about working with families in their communities and at their homes.



2018 03 26 Epilepsy Action Purple Day

All about Epilepsy

In this blog, Sophie Charles busts myths, and shares her expertise in raising awareness and supporting children with epilepsy and their families.



MnB blog Asthma image

Considering Mind & Body

In the latest blog, Kevin Farrell shares his knowledge of how Body, Mind, and Context approach can really help children and young people with asthma. 



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