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Recently, there has been a large emphasis in national news about the long term effects that food poverty and other social factors are having on children’s physical and mental health.

In an article published last month by Mosaic, the science newsletter published by Wellcome, Dr Ingrid Wolfe (CYPHP Director, Consultant Paediatric Population Medicine at Evelina London, and Senior Clinical Lecturer at the School of Life Course Health at King's College London) provided her insights into this problem.

She also highlighted how CYPHP is proactively working towards identifying psychosocial factors in local children with health concerns, and supporting them and their families to receive integrated care and support to improve their health and wellbeing. 


“Ultimately, CYPHP seeks to improve children’s health by finding out what factors can affect wellbeing so that they can be tackled – rather than waiting for children to get to the point of requiring medical treatment. By then, the compounding issues could be far tougher to correct.” Chris Baraniuk, Mosaic


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How going hungry affects children for their whole lives.



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