Tell us a little about you?

I have worked in the NHS for the last 17 years. I have sat in many different roles and services across community organisations and acute hospital Trusts.

From 2012, my family and I became regular users of Children’s services, which is why I decided I wanted to work more closely with paediatrics services. Specifically, I would like to help inform service redesign and system change. I have been in paediatrics as an operational manager for the last three years.


How do you see the role?

I have a passion for supporting and helping to create environments that children and young people can thrive in, to live better and have healthier lives.  I see my part in helping to connect people and systems, so that they can work together to develop integrated models of care that support our local population.


What is your hope for the CYPHP programme?

I believe that our vision is to create a model of care that:

  • Is accessible and closer to families’ home environments.
  • Includes early prevention.
  • Takes a bio-psycho-social care approach to improve health outcomes for children and young people in the community. 
  • Is supported by clinical research and evaluation.

I believe that this model can and should be recognised as a way of delivering better healthcare to children and young people.



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