2019 03 21 QI Evelina team photo


Evelina London held its 5th annual Quality Improvement Conference on the 21st March, and what an inspirational evening it was. Over 150 service improvement initiatives and projects were showcased by staff across the hospital and community services, reflecting widespread dedication to ensure that children and their families have positive healthcare experiences.

The evening began with a welcome by Dr Claire Lemer (Clinical Director – Children’s Medical Specialties & Neonatology at Evelina London, and CYPHP’s Deputy Director), who herself is a passionate leader in quality improvement. Professor Sir Bruce Keogh (Chair of Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust), then shared a heartfelt appreciation of everyone’s efforts, highlighted by colourful posters surrounding the room. He encouraged continued endeavours, reminding us all that “No idea is too big, or too small” and that “Quality improvement is everybody’s business.”

Dr Lemer and Sir Bruce handed out prizes for the top three quality improvement poster submissions. These included:

  • Improving Health Outcomes for Looked after Children, by Stacy John-Legere and Abby Sinclair
  • Home Monitoring Programme, by Hanna Bellsham-Revell, C Chou, S Rollings, J Fewlass, R Burrage, C Goodridge, A Hurne, T Kenney, A Bell, P Theocharis-
  • Implementation of Cerebral Palsy Integrated Pathway CPIP, by Harriet Fraser


As an opportunity to share their initiatives and knowledge with others, each of the prize winners presented how their work has and continues to make a positive impact to the children and young people they support. There was also the first Team award, which went to the Paediatric Physiotherapy Team, whose work was presented by Elspeth Will.

As part of our partnership with Evelina London, CYPHP was proud to submit four quality improvement initiatives to the event. You can see them below. 


2019 03 21 QI poster Asthma2019 03 21 QI poster Constipation


2019 03 21 QI poster Eczema2019 03 21 QI poster Triage




















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