Take the CYPHP Health Check


The Health Checks are rolling in, we have already received over 400!

This Health Check is for all parents/carers of children aged 0-15years with asthma, constipation, epilepsy, or eczema. It is accessible at:



Over the summer, the Children & Young People’s Health Partnership (CYPHP) visited GP practices, attended school nurse teaching days, and other professional events, including the #AskAboutAsthma event. During these undertakings, various professionals mentioned good initiatives that have helped them to share the Health Checks with their patients.

To support all child healthcare professionals in Lambeth and Southwark, the resources we’ve made are based on your professional feedback. These are listed below. If applicable to your role and service, please action these (as below), and help us all provide better care for children.

      1. Content for SMS reminders; i.e. annual asthma review or flu vaccine
          Example content: Before attending your appointment, please complete your child’s Health Check at www.cyphp.org/health-check
          (Helpful if Asthma Control Test is completed before their appointment, and GPs will receive a biopsychosocial summary of the patient.)

      2. Pop-up reminder on EMIS (EMIS protocol) for patients with asthma, constipation, eczema, or epilepsy.
          Example content: Encourage your patient to complete the CYPHP Health Check (give postcard with website link).

      3. Powerpoint for waiting room Television screens
          Find the PowerPoint here.

      4. 1 page Instructional summary - Keeping your clinicians informed
           Find the 1 page Instructional summary here to share with your colleagues.

      5. Call-recall/case finding criteria
          Email Charlene at , who can provide case finding criteria that your practice can use to identify eligible patients in your practice within EMIS.

      6. Newsletter/Website blurb:
          Find the newsletter/website blurb here to add to your publications to keep your patients informed.

This is not an emergency service, please contact 999 if someone is seriously ill and their life is at risk