CYPHP at International Clinical Trials Day 2018


Staff from the Children & Young People’s Health Partnership (CYPHP) clinical and academic teams presented our research and clinical service at the International Clinical Trials Day at Guy’s Hospital. International Clinical Trials Day aims to promote the work of research teams, highlighting the impact of research on patient care.


What did CYPHP Present?

Rosie Satherley (Research Associate) and Sophie Miller (Epilepsy Nurse) spoke about how the CYPHP clinical service was developed and how this work is being evaluated through a cluster randomised control trial. After explaining how the CYPHP Health Checks can be used to tailor clinical care towards patient needs, a chocolate taste test was used to explain how the research team randomised GP clusters to find out the impact of the CYPHP clinical service. The work (and chocolate) was very well received.

This event highlights the work that can be achieved when clinicians and academics work together. Guy’s Hospital was very interested in the collaborations between clinicians and academics, a theme present throughout CYPHP’s work. 


What will CYPHP do with this work?

CYPHP’s clinical and academic teams will continue to work closely together to produce clinically useful and rigorously evaluated interventions to improve child health. In addition, CYPHP will work on creating a culture within the NHS to promote clinical-academic partnerships. This will ensure that health services are informed by reliable evidence, enabling evidence-based practice, and through rigorous evaluation can lead to better health outcomes.
o improve the health of the families in Lambeth.


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