Epilepsy Awareness Week 2018 stall


Karen and Sophie, Clinical Nurse Specialists in Paediatric Epilepsy, hosted a promotion stall for Epilepsy Awareness Week at Surrey Quays Shopping Centre on Monday 14th May. The stall included informational booklets, leaflets and resources about epilepsy, as well as lots of purple ribbon to make bracelets for the public.

The main aims of this event were to break down the stigma around epilepsy and to raise awareness of epilepsy in the local community. The stall attracted a lot of attention with many shopping centre visitors stopping to talk with Karen and Sophie. Many visitors came to talk, ask questions, and share their own personal experiences of living with epilepsy. Many people said they were glad to know that Epilepsy Awareness Week was being celebrated. 

Our nurses shared and promoted the Children & Young People’s Health Partnership’s (CYPHP) Epilepsy Health Check to parents, and raised awareness of the CYPHP service too. Here are some links if you would like to know more about the CYPHP Health Checks or the clinical services that CYPHP nurses provide.


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