CYPHP asthma and eczema open day event


The Children & Young People’s Health Partnership’s (CYPHP) clinical team hosted an Asthma and Eczema Information Open Day for children and families on Wednesday 11th of April at Streatham Children’s Centre. The event was well attended, with around 30 children and their families coming together to increase their knowledge about asthma and eczema.

Parents and their children spoke with specialist asthma nurses, primary care nurses, and the CYPHP pharmacist, asking questions about each condition, and learning practical tips to manage their asthma and eczema better. For example, families and children learned:

• How to recognise and manage their asthma and eczema symptoms.
• When to seek help, and recognising red flags.
• How to take care of their eczema skin in the spring compared to the summer period.
• How much Eczema cream to apply.
• How to check their child’s inhaler technique.
• How to clean and take care of their spacers.
• How to participate in Peak flow training and how to document their results in their peak flow diary.

As well as receiving practical support and having time to share knowledge and ideas, parents and carers also completed the free CYPHP Health Checks. As a result, families will soon be receiving their free Health Support Pack, an asthma and eczema self-management resource which can be used as a reminder of their learning during the day.

By providing health related educational skills and information to families through interactive and practical activities and games, it proved to be a successful event as all patients and their families said they would recommend this type of open day to family and friends.

Positive feedback from parents/carers included:
• They “…know now how to apply their eczema creams properly and how much to apply.”
• “Friendly and professional staff providing clear explanations.”
• “I learnt about my eczema care and the importance of taking my preventer inhaler, even when I am well.”

One parent’s feedback was that she is now aware that she is not the only person fighting these conditions alone.

CYPHP would also like to extend our gratitude to the local community grocers, who donated fruit and health snacks for the event. Local families and the CYPHP team appreciate your support in helping children and young people be healthy, happy, and well.


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