Helpful guidance if your child is sick

You can still get help if your child is unwell. Click here to see the NHS symptom guide.
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Sign-up to the COVID-19 symptom tracker app

Self-report daily. Help slow the outbreak. Identify those at risk sooner.
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CYPHP 2019 Wrap Up: Health for the Whole Child

Summary of 2019
Here’s a snapshot of things we can be particularly proud of.
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Updated Health Check resources coming to your GP practice

Health Check postcard
CYPHP will be sending Health Check resources to Lambeth and Southwark GP practices. For more information,…
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New: Prescribing in CYPHP clinics facilitates efficiency in patient care

Little girl at appointment
Another improvement to support patients to receive more efficient and better quality care, and improve NHS…
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CYPHP approach: Supporting children and young people with epilepsy

Summary of achievements
Click here to view a summary that celebrates the work and achievements of the CYPHP specialist epilepsy…
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Joining Goodrich Community Primary School’s Winter Fair

Evaluation team at the school winter fair
CYPHP researchers spent a fun filled day talking with families about the value of research, and asking for…
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Meet Phillip Frodsham, our new Project Support Officer

Phillip Frodsham
Phillip plans to use his 10 years’ worth of NHS knowledge to ensure that programme processes work correctly.…
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Meet Cheryl Greene, our new Patient Access Coordinator

Cheryl Greene
Cheryl joins our team with a wealth of community experience. Click here to find out more.
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Meet Samira Datoo, our Research Assistant

Samira Datoo
Click here to find out more about her role, and her hopes for the programme.
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CYPHP website

Feedback image
Complete the short survey to tell us how the website can better provide you with the information you want.
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Meet Sarah Allmark, our new Primary Care Nurse

Sarah Allmark
Find out more about Sarah, including how she plans to use her knowledge and skills to support local children…
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More positive feedback about the CYPHP Health Team

CYPHP Health team speaking with parents
Click here to read about another audit showing that parents are largely satisfied with the CYPHP Health team.
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CYPHP clinics positively perceived by families

Little girl in appointment
Click here to see what families said.
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Celebrating Dr Anto Ingrassia at the inaugural Mind & Body awards ceremony

Lyncia D., Anto I., Kate L., and Rachel M.
King’s Health Partners Mind and Body Champions Network celebrated its second anniversary, and its over 700…
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Invaluable cross-organisational learning at the Practitioners Skills Course

Attendees at Practitioners Skills Course
Attendees came together to learn skills to better support young people and families. Click here to read more.
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A thriving KOAS team

Barney and Chris from KAOS
Using ‘teachable moments’ to provide holistic and age appropriate care.
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Meet Gosia Bastek, our new Transformation Lead

Read how Gosia’s previous experience is supporting the programme.
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Meet Lizzie Cecil, our new Evaluation Trial Coordinator

Click here to find out how Lizzie's varied academic experience is contributing to the programme.
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CYPHP clinics: How to provide specialist care, quicker and closer to home

Look at these illustrations to see the benefits for children, their families, and clinical staff.
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The power of a clinical-academic partnership

Click here to read the recently published protocols.
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CYPHP shortlisted for Lammy Award 2019

Click here to find out who won, and much more.
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GPs, you can view CYPHP records on EMIS

How to access CYPHP notes on EMIS
It’s easy to view CYPHP records on EMIS. Find out how, here.
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Meet Emma Matthews, one of our new Primary Care Nurses

Image of Emma Matthews
Click here to find out more about Emma.
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Meet Rachael Quinn, one of our new Primary Care Nurses

Image of Rachael Quinn
Read more about Rachael’s expertise and skills.
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National Eczema Week

Image of Eczema poster
Print and share the poster, helping children to better manage their eczema.
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Reminder: Have you seen the Health Check videos?

Share them with your patients today.
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Meet Andrew Moles, our new research assistant

Andrew Moles
Find out more about Andrew; how he is contributing to our team, and what his hopes are for the programme.
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Meet Shahzeb Khan, our new clinical administrator

Shahzeb Khan
Find out more about Shahzeb, and his role in supporting CYPHP clinics.
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Engaging with local professionals who work with children and young people

LEAP event
Providing better inter-professional working opportunities to foster integrated care for children and their…
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Another five new and revised GP Guidelines

Supporting Lambeth and Southwark GPs to deliver evidence-based practice as part of everyday care.
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Asthma Week 38: 16th – 22nd September 2019

Week 38 poster
Print and share the poster, helping children to better manage their asthma.
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Meet Charlene Smith, our Communications and Engagement Lead

Photo of Charlene
Find out more about Charlene; how she contributes to our team.
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New dates for the Children & Young People’s Practitioners Skills Course

Mind & Body course
Back due to popular demand! Click here to register.
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Happy school girl
Supporting emotional wellbeing for children and young people in school.
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Girl sitting with smartphone
Providing young people with confidential access to age-appropriate healthcare.
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SE London Paediatric Asthma Network Meeting

Word cloud showing priorities of the event
Click here to read about the Network’s ambitions, and how CYPHP contributed to the day.
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CYPHP Health Team

Father and son image
What is the CYPHP Health Team, what do they do, and what do families think?
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Meet Sue Malkin, one of our Transformation Leads

Sue Malkin
Click here to find out more about Sue, including her interesting professional experience and hobbies.
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Mind & Body blogs

Click here to read about our clinical staff 's experiences and top tips about how using a Body, Mind, and…
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CYPHP providing insights to child health news

Toddlers playing
Click here to read more, and a link to the full article.
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Personal Advisors to Care Leavers course now accredited

Personal Advisors training day
Last year, CYPHP worked in partnership with Local Authorities to develop and deliver a bespoke training…
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Improving Mental Health Support for Young People in Lambeth

Improving Mental Health Support for Young People in Lambeth image
Click here to find out how CYPHP contributed to the day.
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Developing GP referral Guidelines for common mental health problems in children and young people

We’re requesting your professional input. Please complete the survey.
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New and revised GP Guidelines now on DXS!

Have you seen the new and revised GP Guidelines about common childhood conditions?
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Welcome to Claire Gregory, our new Programme Manager

We are excited to welcome Claire to our team.
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How is CYPHP affecting your work as a healthcare professional or provider?

Would you like to provide feedback on CYPHP? This opportunity may be for you.
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Evelina London Annual Quality Improvement Conference

Click here to read about the inspirational evening.
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The CYPHP office has moved

For any upcoming meetings, please be mindful to check the venue.
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Health Check #1 year anniversary!

Read more about the first year's positive outcomes and intriguing insights.
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‘A Healthy Future in Southwark and Lambeth’ public event

Read more about the event, including how CYPHP contributed to the evening and what the public thought of our…
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Mind, Body, and Context

Body Mind and Context poster
Addressing the health needs of children and young people. Click here to find out more.
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A Healthy Future in Southwark and Lambeth event

Little girl at doctor
All welcome. Come share your thoughts, knowledge, and experiences.
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Meet Laura Doolan, one of our Asthma Clinical Nurse Specialists

Laura Doolan
Click here to read more about her role, and what her hopes are for the CYPHP programme.
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Third Children & Young People’s Practitioners Skills Course completed

Group work
Due to popular demand, we are hosting further dates. Click here to find out more about the course.
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CYPHP is moving offices

Map of Becket House
Find out more here.
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Meet Ryan Little, one of our Transformation Leads

Ryan’s role is to support the development and delivery of a variety of services that will improve the health…
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All about Epilepsy

Busting myths, raising awareness, and supporting children and their families.
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Children and Young People’s Practitioners Skills course

Two powerful and energetic workshops completed, one to go!
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GP Guidelines available this month!

Click here to find out where to find them.
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CYPHP clinics growing from strength to strength

Comparing CYPHP clinics to other services, and how they are experienced by patients and professionals.
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Positive family feedback about our CYPHP Health Team

The voices of our patients and their families are vital for improving healthcare services for children and…
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Please keep sharing the Health Check

CYPHP’s early detection, early intervention tools
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CYPHP and the NHS Long Term Plan

The year in health policy began with the long-awaited NHS Long Term Plan. So, how does the Long Term Plan…
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CYPHP, one of four exemplars of innovative models of care

Read more about how CYPHP is influencing strategy.
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More than 1,300 Health Checks received!

Keep sharing the Health Check.
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Introducing Beth Abraham, Matron of Evelina at Home

Find out more about Beth's role and her hopes for the programme.
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Welcome to Steph E, our new Clinical/Project Support Co-ordinator

Find out more about Steph and her ambitions for the programme.
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Joining families at home

Louise Rocks, CYPHP Family Therapist, shares her insights.
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Championing CYPHP’s Body, Mind, and Context approach

2018; a exciting year for embedding this biopsychosocial approach.
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Strengthening networks and skills across primary and secondary care

Find out what topics were on each agenda, and what attendees thought of the evening.
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CYPHP in the news

Read the latest national articles.
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Reducing ‘KAOS’ for adolescents at King's College Hospital

Improving everyday healthcare for adolescents.
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Triumphs of CYPHP Clinics

CYPHP clinics deliver more joined up care than ever.
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What a year it has been!

The CYPHP Health Team summarise a busy year.
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In the last twelve months of CYPHP, the Evaluation team brought to you…

To summarise our year, the Evaluation team has written a song. A must read!
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Meet Rosie Satherley, our expert in Mixed Methods Research, from King’s College London

Rosie Satherley
Rosie is passionate about the numbers and to hear about people's perspectives.
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Reminder: Mind & Body focus group 28 November

Default Image
Bringing together children and young people healthcare professionals.
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New records reached for CYPHP clinics!

Little girl
The data is in, and it shows two new records for CYPHP clinics. Click here to find out more.
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More than 800 received! Keep sharing the Health Check.

Take the Health Check
For our local families, its news worth spreading.
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How CYPHP increases health equity: contributing our insights at the HERON Conference 2018

CYPHP presenting at the HERPN conference
Click here to read more about this “inspiring conference” that brought together “research and programmes…
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Meet Julia Forman, our expert in Epidemiology & Statistics from Kings College London.

Julia Forman
Click here to find out why Julia is passionate about the project and how her expertise is supporting the…
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Through the bowel and beyond… destination, ERIC Conference 2018.

Fiona and Rosie next to their ERIC Conference poster
Fiona Meagher, Primary Care Clinical Nurse Specialist, attended and presented at the annual ERIC conference…
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Patients like CYPHP In-reach clinics. Is your local GP practice hosting one?

Two clinicians in discussion
Did you know that so far 59 Lambeth and Southwark GP practices have an allocated Patch Paediatrician, and…
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Over 600 received, keep sharing the Health Check.

Health check  website link and image of Health Support Packs
So far, more than 600 parents/carers have completed the Health Check and received their child’s Health…
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Calling all healthcare professionals. We need your genuine views!

Adults having coffee image
Are you interested in sharing your perspective on CYPHP?
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The Adolescent Consultation – an opportunity to make a difference

Group of adolescents
Another Mind & Body blog. Read Dr. Stephanie Lamb's perspective of using a conversational tool to have…
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Joining Healthy London Partnership’s #AskAboutAsthma event

Health Check workshop at Ask About Asthma event
CYPHP helping to raise awareness of current issues in asthma care, and sharing good practice.
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King’s Adolescent Outreach Service - a noteworthy update

KAOS logo
KAOS were shortlisted by the Lammy 2018 awards for their extraordinary work to improve care for adolescents.…
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Mind, Body, and Context: An integrated approach to supporting the health needs of children.

Anto Ingrassia
Dr. Anto Ingrassia, sharing her expertise on how physical health and mental health are undeniably…
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Referral guidelines update

Referral Guidelines questionnaire
Thank you to all GPs who completed the Referral Guidelines Questionnaire. CYPHP received over 50 responses.…
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Asthma and epilepsy care training for school nurses

CYPHP at #AskAboutAsthma 2018
Learn about our training to support school nurses’ knowledge and skills, enabling them to provide better care…
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“Warmest Regards’’

Sharon Pimenta
Dr. Sharon Pimenta, sharing her learnings from a paediatric consultant’s perspective about why professionals…
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Six resources, supporting you to share the Health Check

Take the CYPHP Health Check
The Health Checks are rolling in, we have already received over 400! Click here for new resources to help you…
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Families sharing their views.

CYPHP evaluation team
Our Evaluation team are already interviewing families to gather important information about how well CYPHP is…
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Meet James Newham, Trial Co-ordinator for the Evaluation project

James Newham
Click here to find out why James is passionate about the project and how his expertise is supporting the…
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Using patient feedback to drive improvement

Teenage boy with tablet
We are delighted that the feedback that we have received so far from patients has been predominantly positive.
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Welcome back Laura King, one of our Asthma Clinical Nurse Specialists

Laura King
Click here to find out more about Laura, her role and her hopes for the programme. Tell us a little about…
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Meet Dr. Chloe Macaulay, Consultant General Paediatrician at Evelina London

Image of Chloe Macaulay
Click here to find out more about Chloe, her role and her hopes for the programme.
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Meet Kevin Farrell, our asthma clinical nurse specialist

Image of Kevin Farrell
Having a positive impact for children and young people, both in the programme and in his personal life.
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Presenting at The Child Health Festival 2018

Presentations from a variety of speakers on ‘How to advocate for children, influence policy and change…
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Making your practice friendly for young people

Image of a group of young people
Did you know that CYPHP offers a free training resource for all practice staff?
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Youth worker training

Sharing innovative tools with youth workers to aid their work.
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New Patch Paediatricians for your In-reach clinic

Line graph showing number of clinics, patients seen, and DNA rates.
Click here for an In-reach update and to find out more about Patch Paediatricians.
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Referral Guidelines GP Questionnaire

Home page of GP Guidelines questionnaire
GPs please click here to complete the questionnaire.
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CYPHP recognised in The Guardian

Clinician talking with family
CYPHP regarded as one of ‘Five ideas from other health systems that could transform’ our NHS.
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Child Health Check now online!

Four Health Support Pack booklets
CYPHP is are excited to announce the Health Check is now online. Click here for the link.
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Meet CYPHP at the Stockwell Festival on 7th July

Stockwell Festival 2018
Music, dance, food and fun! Join us as we celebrate with the Stockwell community, and learn about keeping…
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International Clinical Trials Day 2018

CYPHP at International Clinical Trials Day 2018
We presented CYPHP research and our clinical service at the International Clinical Trials Day.Click here to…
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Welcome to our new Clinical Nurse Specialist for Constipation, Fiona Meagher

Fiona Meagher
We are also excited to welcome Fiona to our growing team. Click here to find out more about Fiona.
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Welcome to our new Mental Health Clinical Specialist, Stephanie Mayo

Stephanie Mayo
We are excited to welcome Stephanie to our growing team. Click here to find out more about Stephanie.
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Dr Colin Ball, Consultant Paediatrician at King’s College Hospital.

Dr Colin Ball
We asked Dr Colin Ball to share some insights and tips about working more closely with primary care as a team…
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Presenting at the King’s Health Partners Annual Conference 2018

Dr Ingrid Wolfe at June 2018 KHP conference
The annual King’s Health Partners conference included a variety of engaging and inspiring speakers, including…
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Strengthening links to support children’s care across Lambeth and Southwark

May 2018 GP workshop
Another multi-disciplinary workshop with our partners, focussing on practical advice on the management of a…
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Teen Health Talk tool

Teen Health Talk conference poster
Everyone is getting excited about the Teen Health Talk tool. Click here to find out more about the tool, who…
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Training for Personal Advisors in Lambeth and Southwark

CYPHP training for personal advisors May 2018
This group of local authority workers offer support and advice to young people leaving care. Click here to…
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International Nurses Day 2018

CYPHP nurses on International Nursing Day 2018
Click here to find out how we celebrated the day.
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Health Check event at King’s College Hospital

CYPHP stall at King's College Hospital May 2018
Click here to see who attended and how our clinical team can come to your next event.
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Epilepsy Awareness week

Epilepsy Awareness Week 2018 stall
CYPHP nurses hosted an information and health promotion stall for Epilepsy Awareness Week, attracting a lot…
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Health Checks’ first century

Health check ladder
The Health Checks are rolling in! Congratulations to those GP Practices who are supporting their patients to…
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Referral Guidelines GP Questionnaire

Referral guidelines GP questionnaire
The Children & Young People’s Health Partnership (CYPHP) is developing primary care guidelines and decision…
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Keep your family happy and healthy community event

Family event with Healthwatch Lambeth, May 2018
A free and fun health event for families with children who have asthma, constipation, eczema, or epilepsy…
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Welcome to our new Senior Clinical Lead, Dr Anto Ingrassia

Anto Ingrassia presenting a seminar
Since February 2017, Dr. Anto Ingrassia has been part of the CYPHP team as the Mental Health and Education…
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Introducing our Board Citizen Co-Chair, Leonard Lvovich

Ingrid Wolfe and Len Lvovich at the April 2018 People's Assembly
Introducing our Programme Board's Citizen Co-Chair, Leonard Lvovich.
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Supporting primary care transformation for children and young people in London

CYPHP at Healthy London Partnership primary care event
CYPHP have been supporting Healthy London Partnership by delivering workshops and participating in…
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In-reach Lunch and Learn

In-reach lunch and learn session
Would you like some practical case based teaching around your patients in primary care? Find out more about…
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Asthma and Eczema Open Day

CYPHP asthma and eczema open day event
We held a successful Asthma and Eczema Information Open Day for children and families in Lambeth. Click here…
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In-reach clinics - building child health teams

In-reach clinic feedback chart
The Children & Young People’s Health Partnership (CYPHP) initiated In-reach clinics in August 2017 with the…
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CYPHP Health Checks have arrived at GP practices!

CYPHP staff at Health Check launch
The Children & Young People’s Health Partnership (CYPHP) started distributing free Health Checks at the end…
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Family event with CYPHP and Healthwatch Lambeth

CYPHP Health Support Packs illustration
Date: Wednesday 30th May Time: 10:30-13:30 Venue: TBC The Children & Young People’s Health Partnership…
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Children’s multi-disciplinary workshop for GPs and practice nurses

CYPHP event for GPs
Date: Tuesday 22 May from 7-9pm Venue: Education Centre, 75-79 York Road, London, SE1 7NJ The Children and…
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CYPHP at the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health Conference 2018

CYPHP posters for 2018 RCPCH conference
Staff from the Children & Young People’s Health Partnership (CYPHP) academic and clinical teams presented our…
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Celebrating Epilepsy Purple Day

Artwork for International Epilepsy Day
On the 26th of March, the Children & Young People’s Health Partnership (CYPHP) marked International Epilepsy…
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Spreading the word - Promoting integration of physical and mental healthcare

CYPHP presenting at the March 2018 IMPARTS seminar
CYPHP brings together physical and mental healthcare through our integrated child health teams and our Mind &…
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Supporting emotional health in schools with Head First

Head First logo
Did you know that the Children & Young People’s Health Partnership (CYPHP) has commissioned free training for…
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CYPHP is creating locally relevant and nationally significant health systems. Why?

CYPHP are also a unique clinical academic partnership with a gold-standard reseach design thats is first of…
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Tackling asthma one school at a time

CYPHP asthma nurses joined forces with primary schools to provide an asthma training session.
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PA training

CYPHP is delivering a bespoke training programme to personal advisors (PAs) who work with young people who…
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KAOS: King’s hospital’s new project to improve care for adolescents.

KAOS (King’s Adolescent Outreach Service) is a new, unique project to improve the care of adolescents in…
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How the public has been supporting CYPHP’s work

Patient and public involvement (PPI) is key to improving care. To ensure that PPI is firmly and meaningfully…
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CYPHP Health Checks: Revised launch date

We are making a few final tweaks to the service. The Health Checks will be at your GP Practice soon!
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Workshop by Lambeth and Southwark children programme strengthen links in primary care.

Last month 55 GPs and practice nurses attended a multi-disciplinary workshop organised by the Children and…
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A new approach to address the health needs of children

Dr Anto Ingrassia has blogged about how CYPHP is bringing together physical and mental healthcare for the…
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Weekly News from CYPHP - 27th October

This week - we've been sharing CYPHP's work within our boroughs, across London and across Europe! Find out…
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Weekly news round up - 20th October

Making shared working easier through technology and collaborating with our partners - the latest news from…
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Weekly news round up - 6th October

CYPHP weekly news 06/10/17
Practice sign-ups, peer support and presentations - highlights from CYPHP for the week ending 6th October…
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Weekly news round up - 13th October

World mental health day banner
Roll out success, new team members and Mind and Body champions - learn what's been happening in CYPHP for the…
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100% sign up for CYPHP services

CYPHP team & Melbourne House practice manager
100% of GP practices in our intervention cohort sign up for CYPHP services and data sharing.
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CYPHP raises awareness of data sharing benefits

Data sharing video thumbnail
CYPHP have launched a new short film explaining the benefits of data sharing between healthcare professionals.
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CYPHP Team Away Day

Default Image
The CYPHP team gathered on July 28th to reflect on the achievements and lessons of our programme's first year…
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New website launched

Default Image
CYPHP are pleased to announce that we have launched our brand new website.
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Let's Talk - experiences of healthcare

Default Image
How does it feel to be a young person trying to access health support? When we asked local young people this…
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