CYPHP is a Partnership. Our Partnership comprises local children, young people, and families, Lambeth and Southwark Clinical Commissioning Groups, Lambeth and Southwark GPs, King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust, Evelina London Children's Healthcare, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, Lambeth Council and Southwark Council, and King's College London.

"Making a difference for children and young people every day"

CYPHP is committed to honouring the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). There are many rights enshrined in the UNCRC. CYPHP is especially concerned with the Articles about healthcare. These specify, for example, that CYP are entitled to good quality healthcare - the best healthcare possible; that children who are looked after by their local authorities have care that should always be based on the best interests of the child; that children have the right to say what they think should happen and have their views taken into account; and that the best interests of all children should be the primary concern in making decisions that affect them, particularly among budget, policy, and lawmakers.

The CYPHP team comprises clinicians, managers, and researchers. We work on implementation of the model of care, and on evaluation.

CYPHP Core Team - Implementation

  • Dr Ingrid Wolfe: CYPHP Programme Director. Consultant Paediatrician Public Health, Evelina London Children's Healthcare. Clinical Senior Lecturer, King's College London.
  • Dr Claire Lemer: CYPHP Deputy Director and Lead for Clinical Service Transformation. Consultant Paediatrician, Evelina London Children's Healthcare.
  • Ms Pamela Nelson: CYPHP Interim Programme Manager
  • Ms Patricia O'Neill: CYPHP Transformation Lead
  • Ms Barbara Rafferty: CYPHP Transformation Lead
  • Mr Ryan Little: CYPHP Information Governance and Data Management Advisor
  • Mr Chris Carter: CYPHP Public Health Information and Clinical Quality Analyst
  • Ms Elanor Williams: CYPHP Programme Coordinator
  • Mr Julien Hersh: CYPHP Project Coordinator
  • Ms Abi Salmon: CYPHP Executive Assistant

Doctors and Researchers in Training:

  • Dr Delan Devakumar: Academic Clinical Lecturer UCL, and Specialist Registrar in Public Health.
  • Dr Tazeem Bhatia: Public Health Specialist Registrar, King's College London

CYPHP Wider Team - Implementation

  • Dr Steph Lamb: CYPHP GP Programme Lead, Lead for Young People's Services, Deputy Chair Access Project Delivery Group, Lambeth GP
  • Dr Hilary Cass: CYPHP Programme Lead for Sustainable Training Project Delivery Group. Chair of Advisory Panel. Deputy Chair, Education and Training Project Delivery Group
  • Dr Nicola Hanson: CYPHP GP Project Lead for Access to Care. Southwark GP.
  • Dr Abdu Mohiddin: CYPHP Public Health Lead, and Lead for Vulnerable Populations and Health Equity. Lambeth Public Health.
  • Dr Azhar Saleem: Deputy Chair, Long-Term Conditions Project Delivery Group Lambeth GP.
  • Ms Paula Marsden: CYPHP Primary Care Nurse Lead. Lambeth Primary Care Practice Nurse.
  • Dr Nandi Mukhopadhyay: Deputy Chair, Everyday Healthcare Project Delivery Group Lambeth GP.

CYPHP Evaluation - Core Team

  • Dr Michelle Heys: CYPHP Internal Evaluation Lead. Lecturer Epidemiology UCL, Consultant Paediatrician Evelina London Children's Healthcare.
  • Dr Raghu Lingam: CYPHP External Evaluation Lead. Clinical Senior Lecturer Epidemiology Newcastle University Institute of Health and Society, Consultant Community Paediatrician.
  • Dr Ingrid Wolfe: CYPHP Programme Director, KCL Principal Investigator. Clinical Senior Lecturer, King's Colllege London Department of Public Health and Primary Care. Consultant Paediatric Public Health, Evelina London Children's Healthcare

We are currently recruiting post-doctoral and research analyst posts, and evaluation project management support.

CYPHP Evaluation - Wider Team

  • Charles Wolfe: Professor of Public Health, Head of Division of Health and Social Care Research, King's College London; Director of Research and Development, Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust.
  • Peter Littlejohns: Professor of Public Health, Department of Public Health and Primary Care, King's College London.
  • Judith Green: Professor of Sociology of Health, King's College London.
  • Simon Cousens: Professor of Epidemiology and Medical Statistics, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.
  • Dr Hannah Kuper: Reader of Epidemiology, Co-Director of International Centre for Evidence in Disability, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.
  • Nick Sevdalis: Professor of Implementation Science and Patient Safety, King's College London.
  • Jane Sandall: Professor of Social Science and Women's Health, King's College London.
  • Dr Andy Healey: Senior Research Fellow, CLAHRC South London, King's Improvement Science and King's Health Economics, King's College London.
  • Paul McCrone: Professor of Health Economics and Deputy Director King's Health Economics, King's College London.