What does it mean?

CYP with common problems can get the help they need closer to home and school.

Why is it needed?

Parents often feel they need to take their children to A&E to get prompt expert help and advice. Professionals often can't cooperate with each other as they would like to do.. Patients shuttle back and forth between home, hospital, and GP.

What makes it happen?

CYP health teams & clinics, comprehensive CYP-centred bio-psycho-social assessments eg Teen Health Check, multidisciplinary training, decision support tools, hotlines, YP-friendly care, schools as part of health teams, social and youth workers, behaviour change support, Looked-after-Children nurses, CYP-friendly technology, health promotion is core to care.

How will we know it’s better?

Children are healthier, care quality improves, health professionals are more confident and competent in everyday child health, there are fewer outpatient appointments, A&E attendances and hospital admissions for everyday conditions.