What does it mean?

Ensuring age appropriate access to care. Teenagers and young people frequently perceive services to be unfriendly to them, targeted more for young children or adults. So too often they don’t use services that are available to them.

Why is it needed?

Health outcomes for young people are often not as good as they should be. An important reason is that they don’t access care that should be available to them.

What makes it happen?

Age appropriate care, eg. e-learning for “young people-friendly” services; CYP-friendly technology, eg.“Chat Health” between CYP and school nurses; signposting, eg. websites and resource packs; Looked-after-Children’s nurses; social and youth workers; CYP health teams and clinics; comprehensive CYP-centred bio-psycho-social assessments

How will we know it’s better?

Young people are more confident in using primary care as first contact care, CYP and families are more content with age-appropriate care.