The purpose of the CYPHP long-term conditions workstream is to develop models of care that support children, young people and families to be healthier, by helping them manage their condition as well as possible and by integrating physical and mental healthcare.

To test ways of transforming the healthcare of children with long-term conditions, CYPHP will focus initially on two common and important physical long-term conditions, asthma and epilepsy, and the mental health problems that frequently coexist with these physical conditions.

Health promotion and prevention are key aims of the overall programme. Within long-term conditions management, we will be testing a holistic approach to disease management - by this, we mean we will consider a child or young person's physical, mental and social needs as part of a single picture, along with the needs of their family.

We plan to apply the learning from developing this aspect of the model of care to be useful for other long-term conditions.


The future for long term condition care with CYPHP

 The CYPHP model for long term conditions