The CYPHP young people's services workstream aims to improve health outcomes for young people aged 10-24 years in Lambeth and Southwark by improving their access to health support and supporting services to better meet young people's needs.

We have carried out a comprehensive local needs assessment to understand the current issues, gathered evidence from the literature and held interviews with local professionals and young people. We have mapped young people's services in Lambeth and Southwark and held a workshop with around 80 professionals and young people on improving the health of young people in Lambeth and Southwark. This helped us to understand local young people's needs and concerns when accessing healthcare.

This has led us to identify a number of priority areas for development, which will complement other local initiatives (e.g., the development of Local Care Networks in primary care) and will help to reduce health inequalities for young people. These are described in more detail in this section.


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