Richard Goodwin - CYPHP Pharmacist

How will it help me do my job?

Community Pharmacy

CYPHP recognises the importance of community pharmacy and the role it plays in supporting high quality care for children within Lambeth and Southwark. Our clinical teams may contact you to inform you of changes to children’s care plans and medicines with the consent of their families. Our aim is to bring together all members of the healthcare team to support children’s care and we view community pharmacies as integral in supporting the safe and effective use of medicines.

The CYPHP pharmacist is interested in developing children’s services using current funding streams such as MURs. If you have any ideas about services which would benefit your patients and would like additional support in developing these please contact our team. Alongside this, CYPHP is dedicated to supporting the education and development of healthcare professionals within Lambeth and Southwark; as such our team are happy to discuss training opportunities to support clinicians to provide high quality children's care.

GP Practice Pharmacists

The clinical team will be working closely with general practice to support patients to manage their conditions within primary care. Our clinical teams take referrals directly from general practice in participating practices and document directly on EMIS to support communication between teams.

The clinical teams including the CYPHP pharmacist are keen to develop joint clinics with general practice staff to support colleagues in developing their knowledge, skills and confidence in treating children.

CYPHP are keen to work with GP practice pharmacists either individually or through collaboration with exciting support organisations to build confidence and competence in treating children within the whole GP practice workforce.

Hospital Pharmacy

The CYPHP team aims to support patients to manage their conditions within primary care; releasing service capacity within secondary and tertiary care services to focus on more complex patients. The CYPHP service can support hospital pharmacists by facilitating the communication of medicines across care boundaries.

Our CYPHP pharmacist has a wealth of knowledge and accepts referrals from hospital colleagues to see patients with asthma, eczema, constipation or eczema in the community (from selected GP practices) whereby hospital colleagues feel the family may require additional support or counselling regarding their medicines, transitioning between formulations or where adherence concerns have been raised. These reviews incorporate a holistic approach to medicines, and medicines taking incorporating co-mobility, herbal products and healthcare beliefs.

Academic / research pharmacy

The CYPHP team have a wealth of clinical, research and teaching expertise; the program has a strong sense of supporting high quality education for all.

The CYPHP pharmacist is keen to develop research and educational links with local providers. Richard has a background in research with a Masters in Clinical Research and previous experience in teaching undergraduate, postgraduates and developing educational programs. Learn more about Richard here.

Please feel free to get in contact to explore how the CYPHP programme can support you in providing high quality education and research.


How can I work better and extend my professional networks?

 The CYPHP team and pharmacist are keen to develop links and support a streamlined approach to patient care within primary care and across care boundaries. As such our team sit on several London committees to highlight and advocate for the role of pharmacists, whilst working with key professional organisations within the boroughs to develop a sense of community in providing children’s care.


Who to contact to get involved.

 Please contact the Children & Young People's Health Partnership (CYPHP) pharmacist if you are interested in anything mentioned on this page:



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This is not an emergency service, please contact 999 if someone is seriously ill and their life is at risk