What does it mean?

The CYPHP's vision for education and training is to promote a culture of continuous improvement through creating, developing, and supporting formal and informal opportunities for transformative learning.

Why is it needed?

Education and training is part of our overall service delivery model and is embedded throughout the programme to support and strengthen the local health and social care system in a sustainable way. It brings together a number of cross cutting themes within our programme.

Mind-body: Reflecting our service’s commitment to overcome the traditional mind-body divide in healthcare, and provide care for the whole child.

Integration: Actively seeking opportunities to support inter-professional collaboration, awareness of the role of others, and the importance of working effectively across organisational boundaries, thereby modelling good examples of joined up care centred on children, young people and families.

Public Health: Fostering better awareness and skills development for front-line practitioners with regards to health promotion, early intervention and disease prevention, thereby promoting a focus on population health as well as individual outcomes.

What makes it happen?

As part of the cultural change, CYPHP team- based education and training aims to develop a shared learning environment which facilitates meaningful professional development and helps people to identify and achieve their own personal potential.

The opportunity to learn and grow through joint working and mutual observation is a central part of the CYPHP model. By supporting joint working/clinics we are promoting the sharing of expertise and supporting a range of professionals in delivering better everyday health care for children.

A transformative approach to training and education includes bridging the gaps between health and non-health professionals and families, as a means towards improving health and health outcomes.

How will we know it’s better?

We will ensure that all our education and training initiatives incorporate an appropriate evaluation strategy, which is proportionate to the scale and ambition of the training delivery. A full evaluation of the overall impact of the Education and Training Strategy will overlap with the Programme’s process evaluation.


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