Joint working between GPs and child health specialists

In-reach clinics are all about delivering comprehensive care to children as close to home as possible.

In-reach happens in primary care settings, where hospital child health specialists and primary care colleagues work together in a team looking after children together.

It also includes shared education and training sessions to help all professionals improve skills and abilities.

Forming a more closely knit clinical team helps everyone feel more confident and able to reach out to each other for advice and support in better looking after children and young people.

How will it help me do my job?

In-reach Clinics

General paediatric consultants from the Evelina London Children's Hospital and the Variety Children's Hospital at King's College Hospital come out to GP practices to run joint clinics for children and young people (CYPP) under 16 years of age – they can see, or discuss, any case you would like or need advice about.

These clinics will become the most common way of accessing pediatric outpatient consultants in Lambeth and Southwark so that CYP will only be sent to hospital when they really need to.

Around half of all practices in Lambeth and Southwark are already running these clinics in groups referred to as ‘clusters’.

To find out when In-reach is coming to you, contact our In-reach project manager,

How will it help me work better and extend my professional networks?

In-reach is accredited as continuing professional development (CPD) by the Royal College of GPs (0389/2016EA). Case review sessions are offered before the consultations start and each consultation lasts 20minutes leaving ample opportunity for on the job learning and extending your professional networks to include the paediatricians working alongside you.

How will it help me deliver better care for CYP and families?

Children and their families really like the In-reach clinics!

"It is a very helpful idea to have this service at the GP. It's always easier to go to your GP than to go to hospital."  Southwark parent, September 2014

"It was really helpful, informative and reassuring to see the paediatrican here and so much less stressful."  Lambeth parent, December 2014


Model Of Care

Programme of Work


This is not an emergency service, please contact 999 if someone is seriously ill and their life is at risk